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We make the service of process simple for you! 


Serving process in the following counties: Bradley, Hamilton, Rhea, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe & North Georgia. We offer routine, rush and same Day service. With routine service we guarantee the 1st attempt within 3 days of receiving the documents. We log every attempt, tag GPS and take pictures/videos with our online database which our clients have access to. Our clients can share notes with every job, receive emails on every attempt in real time, upload documents to individual jobs and more. With the best service and communication, you will never wonder if the job is getting done. 


Courier service is simply a pickup and delivery service. We deliver messages, packages, documents, mail, etc. providing convenience and peace of mind. If you are unable to pick up your belongings, we can ease the pressure and deliver the packages to you. While courier services like UberEATS, Postmates, and Instacart can be perfect for food or grocery deliveries, more sensitive deliveries and documents can be handled and trusted by Simple Process.


SimpleProcess will submit your documents, either electronically or in physical form, to commence or supplement an ongoing legal action. Filing documents in a timely manner is imperative for the success of a legal case. Filing after the statute of limitations will result in having your legal action dismissed with prejudice. In ongoing legal matters, missed deadlines can be detrimental to your case. We will be sure to check with the applicable code of civil procedure to make sure you are submitting your filings in a timely manner.


Mobile notary services include visiting homes, workplaces, or a designated meeting spot that works for all involved parties. Notaries are a valuable resource and witness for your important or sensitive documents and contracts. Documents that need to be notarized include any loans, power of attorney, or property deeds, etc. It is worthwhile to have a notary to ensure that contracts are upheld.

Cleveland, Bradley County
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